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Public Library of Syros

The Public Library of Syros was founded in 1926 and from 1953 is housed on the ground floor of the Cultural Centre. The library is officially mentioned for the first time in 1926 and starts with a core of about 2000 volumes of books from library collections of the Gymnasium (1835) and especially the library of Iakovos Rotas, beloved friend of Korais, the Bishop of Cyclades Anthimos Komnenos (1842) and others. Particular mention should be made to the collection of the local press that starts from the last century and up until today. Approximately 45,000 volumes of books are available to the reading public.

Many book oriented events are organised during the year.


The Vaporia district

The Vaporia area lies on the eastern side of town and is the prestigious district of Syros, elevated, overlooking the Aegean Sea with magnificent neo-classical mansions, the homes of the wealthy residents of Ermoupolis in the 19th century, built almost on the sea. It is an area to be visited by guests.


Markos Vamvakaris Museum

Markos Vamvakaris Museum is located at 3 St. Sebastian street in Ano Syros in an old two-storey house on the main street of Apano Chora, which was renovated to accommodate the personal belongings of Markos Vamvakaris. Friends of Markos will find at the Museum, photographs and personal memorabilia, manuscripts texts, even some very personal items that were donated by his family.

The Museum is open daily from 1st June to late September from 11.00am -14.00 and from 19.00 22.00.


St. Nicholas Church

Saint Nicholas is the patron and protector of Syros seafarers. The temple was built in 1848 and the construction work lasted until 1905. It is basilica type and stands out majestic with its blue dome and bell tower, while the ship comes into the harbor. It was named "Rich" to distinguish it from the "Poor" Saint Nicholas of Ano Syros, which was the first Orthodox church on the island. To the cost of the church contributed many donors, especially ship owners from Chios that lived in Syros at the time.

It has a magnificent marble pediment on its facade and a portico with ionic columns. The interior features arches on piers, a women's area, interesting hagiography, lintels carved with floral decoration, a fine marble altar and a pulpit, as well as a bishop's throne.


Holy Church of Resurrection (Anastasi)

Built at the top of hill Dili, the orthodox church of Resurrection seems to compensate the dominating form of the catholic St. George at the hill of Ano Syros. The original (1858) project of the Municipality of Ermoupolis was to be set up a monument dedicated to the victims of the Revolution in this place, which was placed finally in front of Saint Nicholas church, the new church though was dedicated to the "Resurrection of the Nation". 

It was founded in 1873, designed by D. Eleftheriadis, but was only completed in 1909. It is a church with a cruciform design with a dome, quite heavy, with ashlar masonry and rack strips on the facades made of brick and marble around the window and door frames.

The interior is divided by arches and pillars into three aisles, it has a few neo-classical elements, carved pulpit (a copy of the pulpit of St. Nicholas) and his throne, and many icons of the 19th century.