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Miaouli Square - Town Hall of Ermoupolis

syros town hallMiaoulis Square, one of the few squares in Greece of the 19th century, is now the heart of the city, the place of the evening walk, the obvious meeting point for residents and visitors.

The original name, "Othonos Square" was to honor the first king of Greece. After the expulsion of King Otto in 1862, the square was renamed "Leotsakou Square" in honor of Nicholas Leotsakos head of the garrison of Syros. The present name was given in 1889 when it was unveiled the statue of Andreas Miaoulis.

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Apollon Theatre

The Municipal Theatre "Apollon", symbol of the cultural development of Syros, was built in 1864 and designed by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo. The two-storey building situated at the end of the street Melina Mercouri on the square I Vardaka is simple externally with the central section of the front fully made of marble. It is widespread thought that the Apollo Theatre is a miniature of La Scala in Milan, but in fact the design is influenced by Italian standards like La Scala in Milan, the renovated theater San Carlo in Naples, the academic theatre in Castelfranco and finally the Teatro della Pergola in Florence, while the vaulted roof seems to follow the French system of the 19th century.

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Cultural Center

cultural-center-syrosThe Club “Hellas”, today the Cultural Center of Syros, was built in 1862-63, before the Town Hall, designed by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo. The two-story marble building with its facade at Miaoulis square while on the side lies the entrance floor. In the great hall of the first floor, which was the ballroom, murals and ceiling paintings of cupids and masks are well preserved. In 1970 the building was converted into a Cultural Center of the City, with conference halls, galleries and the Museum of Cycladic Art Replicas that includes collection of reproductions of prehistoric figurines.


Archaeological Museum of Syros

The Archaeological Museum is one of the oldest museums in Greece. Founded in 1834-35 and is now housed on the ground floor of the Town Hall with its own entrance from the west side. The museum exhibits various findings from the archaeological site of Chalandriani (Northern Syros, second Cycladic period) after the excavations carried out by Ch. Tsountas, and interesting Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, inscriptions and tombstones from Ermoupoli.

Open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm. Entry is free. Tel. 22810 88487.


Industrial Museum of Syros

In the Industrial Museum one can admire a collection of old machines and tools which currently contains more than 300 objects. It is a unique collection for Greek data with elements coming from the tanning industry, mechanical engineering, textile, printing, shipbuilding, Turkish delight(the traditional delight of Syros “loukoumi”), food packaging, etc., which come from the workshops of Syros. The collection of historical tools has begun since 1985. The systematic restoration and conservation work began in 1998 and is made entirely in Ermoupolis.