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A Few Words About Galissas

Just8 kmfrom Ermoupolis, on the west coast of Syros, is the charming village ofGalissas, surrounded by lowhillsaround the perimeter of thebiggest beach of Syros.A formerfarming village which in recentyearshas developed rapidlyand becamethe mosttourist area of the island.


Ag. Pakou - Galissas

Thehistory ofGalissasislong,asithas been discovered that in antiquityGalissos (as it was known) was afortifiedtown around thehill ofSt.Pakous, and is considered oneof the mostarchaic andclassicalcentersof the ancientSyros, after that ofChalandriani.

Thebeautiful beachwith its finesandand naturalshade fromthe tamarisk trees, the small harborwith the boatsand the magnificentstonedockwith palm trees, arethose partswherethe visitor can enjoyaromanticwalk throughthe beautiesof nature, whilein front of him unfoldsamagnificentsunset.Thebeach of Galissasis organizedand also givesvisitors the opportunityfor watersports.

Thepath to thechurch ofSt.Pakouwithstairscarvedon the hillasthe sun setfrom the topof the hill isamazing.A routethat reallyshould notbe missed.


Behind thehillof St.Pakou there isthesecond beach of Galissas, Armeos. Armeosis a smallbeach withcrystal clear water,whichover the lastyearshas become therefuge of nudists.

Anotherplace to beseen byvisitorsis themagnificentSt. Stefanos cave with thewhite chapeland running water. The cave of St. Stefanosis accessible byboat fromKiniorGalissas, or following the paththat existson the mountain.