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Diving in Syros

divingSyros is the ideal place for diving and exploring underwater landscapes around the island. What makes the island ideal is numerous points of interest under the sea. Those who love diving are able to see caves, wrecks, reefs with an intense undersea life, and of course many different kinds of fish and even seals.

At Syros, the visitor also has the ability to take diving lessons with appropriately trained teachers in order to become familiar with the rules and the environment of diving. Also, there is no need to have his own equipment as they can rent it for the period needed.

Because of the high interest to the underwater wealth around Syros, two diving schools have been created on the island, so visitors have the opportunity to attend appropriate courses according to their level and then dive under the guidance and escort by a well trained instructor.

For more information please visit the links below.

www.syros-diving.gr , www.swdivers-syros.gr